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Solution the HP 8100 ink cartridge depleted cartridge(showed depleted and would not work) part 2

www.topciss.cn You can alway find what you need.
Thomas K : Thank You So Very Much! You are a genius! You are amazing! I am grateful for your knowledge! I just bought a new set of cartridges and the yellow cartridge did not register after I installed all of them. Lessons learned: After I bridged the circuits and replaced the circuit board, I made the mistake of cleaning the printhead assembly with denatured alcohol which washed the adhesive off of the tape. It still worked. The next time I disassemble the printer, I will bridge the circuits with solder and then cover them with tape to isolate them from those springs which I assume are conductive. Again, Thank You! I was depressed and was planning on throwing the printer in the garbage. Thanks to you! It works!
southerngent253 : I did this a months ago and it really works. You have to make sure the piece of wire is making good contact with both the upper and lower contacts points on each color. Press the tape down really good before putting all the screws back in. But it has worked for me for over one year.
bobbugtel.com : I just tried this today and it works 100%!!! It feels great now that I have HP's boot off of my neck! My thanks to Roewe Xie!
David Leahy : Long video too "short" the back of the board in 4 places with wire and tape. Haven't done it yet, but plan on using wire and soldier to short the circuit, and electrical tape to insulate the short from the springs. Basically what the 11 minute video illustrated. Great idea. Thank you!
Tamas Doma : GREAT VIDEO! I soldered the pins instead of tape and wire avoid to move...

PHILIPS, HairDryer HP8110 CompactCare (Philips Indonesia)

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Heri Ariarta : mending mana sama hp126?

Reset de impresora hp 8100

Reset de impre hp 8100
XPGT : Intentar bajo riesgo Mi HP 8100 funcionaba perfecto rotando cartuchos (imprimir, refill, cambiar) con 2 juegos de cartuchos. Intenté este truco para resetear memoria y poder usar solamente el mismo juego de cartuchos, pues no funcionó, pero eso no es lo malo. Ahora no admite ningún cartucho negro usado . El cabezal ya está puenteado, todo funcionaba bien antes, ahora ya no :(
Sergio Rolo Navarrete : Muchas gracias!! Funciona perfecto!!
Federico Sanchez : Me da gusto k le funcione y se tomen el tiempo de agradecer pues esa es la intención de ayudar.
Palomo Gomez : hola gracias por el video ... solo una pregunta los cartuchos se tienen que recargar antes que se termine la tinta y marque cartucho vacio... o si se pueden recargar ya vacios y resetear la impresora? gracias espero que me respondas
martin gonzalo rubio : Hola a mi me funcionó, pero ahora me marca solo el magenta con tinta y el resto sin tinta. De todas formas imprime. Pero no marca tinta en los 3 restantes, la reseteo de nuevo?? Gracias




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